For our foreign partners

Sedna-Agro company  - is an official distributor of weed and pest killers and seeds leading producers: „Syngenta” (Switzerland), Euralis Semences Ukraine" (France), „Bayer Crop Science” (Germany), „Summit-Agro Ukraine” (Japan), Unifer (Germany), at al.

The products of Sedna-Agro company are:

  • Weed and pest killers: herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, protectants.
  • Seeds of kinds and hybrids of cultivated plants: sunflower, maize, wheat, soya, barley, rape.
  • Fertilizers. Leaf-feeding.

The mission of Sedna-Agro company is  improvement life quality using responsible attitude to introduction of innovative technology into agro-business .

The goal of Sedna-Agro company is provision farmers with high-quality resources and services in the segment of weed and pest killers and seeds.

The strategy of Sedna-Agro company is establishment of continuous and reciprocal relations with the partners.

Our partners are farms placed in Cherkassy', Kharkov', Poltava', Vinnitsa', Kirovograd', Sumy', Cherson', Odessa' and Kyiv' regions.

Our credo is: quality , professionalism , efficiency , honesty.

The work principles of Sedna-Agro company are:

  • involvement of highly skilled specialists into business process and their regular professional development,
  • establishment of close contacts with scientific , research and state institutions of the region,
  • establishment of mutually beneficial co-operation with producers using development of long respectable work programs,
  • creation and introduction of  educational programs,
  • presentation of the high-quality products only,
  • development and  application of scientific implementations, high technology in Ukraine.

The principles of distribution policy of Sedna-Agro company are:

  • complete satisfaction of client's demands,
  • spread of information about goods,
  • organization of logistics,
  • creation of competitive environment.

The operational experience and following the rules and principles help Sedna-Agro to hold leading positions and to extend the sphere of its influence.

Sedna-Agro - leader winning everybody's confidence

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